If you could give someone one piece of relationship advice what would it be?”

So my nigga/business partner asked me the other day via txt “If you could give someone one piece of relationship advice what would it be?”

Got me thinking and I would ask myself a couple questions before going in.

1. In this relationship thing, you know your dealing with tittles, and tittles are like unwritten rules/expectations. Whatever standard I have for my significant other am I prepared to have those standards meet, exceeded and unreached, once they are, do I know how to properly respond remembering love?

2. Am I going in this understanding that what I put it in is just as important, if not more important then what I take out?

If I could answer both of those questions correctly, I would remind myself that Cornel West whose intellect I very much respect and who I think all around beautiful spirit has been divorced 3 times smh…

So here’s the advice: when all else fails throw your hands up and say to her “I can’t pretend to know what I’m doing, but I try”



I have a manipulative nature… My co worker suggests I need to learn to trust people… So to you I promise to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God…

Wait… (My co-worker has something to add) she just told me she’s going a little bit deeper (pause)

Her: I manipulate in order to control… I need to control because I’m afraid of something… fuck you afraid of?

I publicly nominate myself for bum ass ninja of the month…

I publicly nominate myself for bum ass ninja of the month smh…

(I actually sent this)

Unfortunately, for myself I have taken forever to grow up and I’ve done so at the expense of a lot of great people. I owe you an apology, I’m sorry. I understand if you don’t believe me. You have, I’m sure more than one good reason not to, you have been a great friend to me, and I miss you. I just want one thing from you. Make time to spend one day with me, or a couple of hours. Give me whatever chance to show you I really mean it. I’m just asking for one day. I promise I’ll leave you to go on whatever feelings you take from that day. I really miss you

So I got this ol’ head

So I got this ol’ head. I don’t know why I keep her. Frankly, I think it’s one of those notches on the old belt things she’s defiantly not the same thing I normally go for. She’s got 11 years on me, she’s white, she’s established, she’s got a bad little body, attractive; she’s enough to make an old rich white man feel some kind of way, seeing her walk down the street with a younger, poorer black man, What’s crazy is how I meet her, Match.com What can I say, the curiosity of commercials got to me, to make things worse, I would recommend giving the site a try. So after going back and forth a couple messages we decided she would drive by, I would come out and say hi, just so we could put a face to the messages we were exchanging nightly. At this point, I wasn’t feeling too strong one way or another I just wanted to see how long I could keep this thing going with an older woman. Stroke my ego a hit a little entertainment, why not? She pulls up, brand new Benz, I know better then to act impressed, so I didn’t, secretly I was. She got out the car to give me a hug… Damn, sweetheart is bad.

She’s has one of those bubbly personalities, which isn’t bad for a guy like myself I’m as care free as they come. I like the way she carries herself, something that probably came with age. For the most part I’m spoiled by women. The problem is they all start to look the same. If that makes sense, if it normally takes about a week or two to fuck, any women who gives it up with-in the first 2 weeks won’t be able to separate herself for the rest of them. I mean, I will appreciate the love; but the long term is not going to look so hot. That’s universal I don’t care who or how bad she is. This girl inherently knew better, she likes to stay in public places and I respect that. The thing is I just don’t know how long I want to pretend acting like the age don’t matter when it does, chilling hanging out, I can do that. I’m not so sure I can do anything more, I care a lot less about the interracial dating thing then more sisters would care to hear about. I do think there is an issue if you’re a black guy and you only date white girls, and vice versa, that would seem to me like an underlying identity issue. Aside from that choose whomever you feel well be most responsible with your heart. I’m just not sure if I’m cool with my lady being 11 years older then me. Chances are she might start asking for a kid with in a year smh. Plus, she’s 11 years older then me! When I know good and well there are a lot of girls out there. I can find someone with as much energy as me. Someone, who understands where I am in life, I’m still in the turning my dreams into reality part of life. A complete assumption by myself on her ability to understand, I know. I never claimed to know what I’m doing, what I do know is, Shorty ass is fat…

*While at work*

Is it me, or is there a little sexual tension in the air

*And no… I ain’t say it out loud, but that’s what I was thinking*

What makes a woman?

I caught some guy on my walk into work today, he kind of reminded me of an off duty wino, he walked like a retired pimp, he still had the stride and the moxey, just wasn’t doing it too hard, and trust me I’m not dogging homeboy at all, I’m just painting a picture. Plus, it all came together kind of cool there was a heavy dose of style there. Anyway, this guy says to me “what makes a woman… think she’s better then you, when she knows good and well, she doesn’t have shit? I’m 47 years old, what the hell you mean I need a hair cut”

It is my contention, no matter how silly it sounds, some women know just want to say, to get on a man’s last nerve.

All I need – How to keep me well feed

A pleasant greeting: A simple hug will do

Peace: No beef about it, I need someone with a peaceful nature

Protective: Someone who is very careful about the energy they introduce to our relationship

Prayer: let’s do it together at least once a week

Earth Scattering: Sex

Selflessness: Someone who can put the relationship first

A best friend